02 Aug


Beverly Lazenby who resides in Wombwell.

George Beck who resides in Hoyland

Carol Oliver (also known as Carol Lunn and Carol Blaydon) who resides in Hemsworth.

Hazel Shaw - Now Deceased

Jenny Oliver Lunn - Now Deceased

Sylvia Garner - resides in Leeds


The above named relatives ABUSED, IGNORED and ABANDONED my immediate family in our HOUR OF need.

My father's heath had deteriorated rapidly since the beginning of March 2015 and my mother's health had also deteriorated rapidly during the spring of 2015.  It was HEARTBREAKING to witness my dear, sweet, beloved parents struggling to perform basic healthcare needs for themselves.  Simple tasks like struggling to get out of bed on a morning and going to the bathroom to get washed.  It was so HEART WRENCHING, that my youngest sister and I moved out of our own home temporarily and moved back in with our parents to help them.  At that time - March 2015, I was a BRAND NEW  NATURAL SCIENCE MEDICAL STUDENT with the S.N.H.S.  As the seasons progressed from Spring to Autumn/Fall, their conditions were worsening.  We STUCK with it and DID EVERYTHING WITHIN OUR POWER to aid and assist our parents.  With the little medical knowledge that I possessed at that time, I did the VERY BEST I COULD to help and to maintain my parents HEALTH and my goal was to PREVENT their conditions from worsening and I became EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL at it.  I was so SUCCESSFUL, that my parents health DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED for a short while.  That is until the EVIL NAZI NHS poked their UNWANTED noses into our affairs.  And that is when my parents health took a DRAMATIC turn and RAPIDLY SPIRALLED DOWNWARDS.  Why did this happen?  Because the EVIL, government owned NAZI NHS staff at the clinic RUDELY and SELFISHLY made an appointment for my mother to attend the clinic for a diabetes check.  Instead of them IGNORING the fact that my mother didn't bother to show up for the UNWANTED appointment, they CAME DIRECTLY TO MY PARENTS HOME.  And that was the start of a COLOSSAL, CRUEL, HEARTBREAKING TRAGEDY.  Had this occurred during any other decade - NOTHING would have transpired from the MISSED APPOINTMENT, but these EVIL NAZI NHS bastards were BENT on destroying my parents lives.

Make NO mistake, this WORLD WAR III has NOT just commenced, it was ROLLING back in 2015 and maybe just before then.  But then that is when I first started noticing WEIRD and STRANGE happenings, when my WHOLE family GOT SUCKED INTO THIS EVILNESS.

My father (whose condition RAPIDLY IMPROVED when I used natural medicines and protocols on him) was FORCED into hospital AGAINST his WILL by an EVIL government Social worker called RAY SPEED.  My family were being SPIED upon by the NAZI NHS and the NAZI SOCIAL SERVICES.  How do I know this?  Because I had just left my father (temporarily) on November 18, 2015 at 18.20 hours when the EVIL NAZI SOCIAL SERVICES - RAY SPEED approached my father's home, BANGED on the front door and yelled through the locked CLOSED door "IF YOU DON'T OPEN THE DOOR, I WILL HAVE IT KICKED IN."  And I learnt that from my father - later on inside the NAZI NHS HOSPITAL, where he was BEGGING me to GET HIM OUT OF THERE, because he KNEW something was WRONG.  According to my late father - the Nazi Social Worker Ray Speed BANGED ON THE DOOR AT 18.30 hours - TEN minutes after I left.  My father was MURDERED by the junior doctors team the following afternoon November, 19, 2015 and he died at ten to midnight.  The junior Doctor Shirazi was TOLD NOT to proceed with this VILE, INTRUSIVE surgical procedure by ME and my YOUNGEST SISTER and he ordered us OUT OF THE ROOM, telling us both - "DON'T TALK DOWN TO ME LIKE THAT." My mother's condition also rapidly improved when I applied natural health sciences protocols.  I even put her on a NEW, MORE healthier diet of FRESH FRUIT and VEGETABLES to take care of this diabetes problem and she was COMING ON IN LEAPS AND BOUDS.  I was AMAZED at how good these protocols were and how it had DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED - BOTH of my parents health.  **The INTEGRITY of applying natural medicines is to : 1. Treat the patient using the correct natural medicine protocol, 2. Restore the patient back to FULL health, 3. Improve the patients vitality, 4. To restore the patient's health balance.**  The ALLOPATHIC (general medicine protocols) are to : 1. Suppress the symptoms of the patient, 2. Maintain the disease, 3. Pump the patient with Toxic poisons, 4. Give the patient TOXIC oral medicines, 5. Support and PAY the BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES.

Don't believe the ALLOPATHIC and DRUG companies LYING TALK when they tell you - "it is for your own good."  It is NOT about healthcare it is about DESTROYING LIVES, KILLING people and MAKING VAST PROFITS.  It is all PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT.

On the day of my father's funeral December 6, 2015 the SHAMEFUL relatives came to attend the funeral - NOT out of respect, but to GLOAT, COMPLAIN and THREATEN.

They attended the reception at my father's house because they KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO GET FREE DRINKS AND FREE SANDWICHES.  They DIDN'T even want to eat and drink at my father's home and HAZEL SHAW suggested that I wrap the food up in a doggy bag, so that they could take it away and eat it later (and once they got the doggy bag full of food, they were out of that front door like a lightening rod in after just ten minutes).  Like a damned fool,  I did as I was told. BEVERLY LAZENBY demanded a CUP OF WATER to drink.  I was trying my best to explain to her that the bill for my father's funeral had CRIPPLED me, because my father was NOT insured - NONE of us had life insurance, because we couldn't afford it.  I still DON'T have life insurance, because I have a hard time trying to buy groceries.  Beverly DIDN'T give a STUFF, all she harped on about was that my father's funeral WAS MEGA, that is all she kept repeating - just like a parrot.  She was taken in by the fact that my father had a WHITE CARRIAGE, GLASS WINDOWED, WHITE HORSE DRAWN HEARSE and it did indeed LOOK LIKE A FAIRYTALE funeral.  I did this because I hate the color black because it is morbid and I don't like the modern funeral hearses and cars.  Make NO mistake here, the white horse drawn hearse was just £250 more to pay than the REGULAR funeral.  And when a female neighbor of ours DIED INSIDE THE NAZI NHS hospital just 2 months prior to my father's death, he was AWARE that the funeral hearse for Sally Murdoch was coming around the corner and he WAS LITERALLY TERRIFIED and TREMBLING. He kept saying "oh, I don't want to go out that way."  Even though I was penniless, I granted my father's last wish with the horse drawn hearse.  I had saved £6000 and I was intending to spend it on a well deserved holiday/vacation, instead - that money paid for my father's funeral.  Whilst Beverly was bitching on about the white horse drawn hearse, she told me that she didn't want anything to eat.  She stood there MISERABLY gulping on a mug of water.  So I CHANGED the subject, I mentioned that my sister and I would come and pay her a social visit sometime.  Well, SHE WENT ABSOLUTELY BESERK.  She said "I HAVE A DOG."  and I replied "so what?"  She said that the dog was vicious and I told her that neither of us were intimidated by dogs.  So she said "you will be where there is food about."  I explained to her that I would NOT expect to eat at her house and then she said "IF YOU COME TO MY HOUSE I WILL SET THE DOG ONTO YOU." Then she finished off her vile act by slamming the empty mug down onto my parents ornament shelf.

These are the KIND of relatives that I share a blood line with and SHE has been BRAINWASHED by the state into ABANDONING FAMILY and becoming conjoined with COLLECTIVISM.  My family ties have been BROKEN DOWN because of the EVIL NAZI UK government.

CAROL OLIVER aka Blaydon aka Lunn called me at the NAZI NHS hospital after the NAZI staff had MURDERED my youngest sister and this is what SHE had to say : I DON'T BELIEVE IT - (calling me a LIAR).  Then she said - "You have NEVER had anything to do with us so that is it."  NOT TRUE - SHE abandoned ME many years ago.  Then when I asked for support and assistance (doing what my mother had demanded of me) she replied : "I AM GOING OUT FOR A ST. VALENTINES MEAL WITH MY PARTNER KEVIN and I HAVE MY AUNTY ROSE TO LOOK AFTER."

She is just ANOTHER DUNDERHEAD WEAK SQUID that has been BRAINWASHED by the UK NAZI GOVERNMENT.  I can just imagine this bitch stuffing her face whilst wearing the MANDATORY KILLER FACE MASK.

Hazel Shaw was the MAIN instigator of MOCKERY and LAUGHTER at my youngest sister's funeral.  None of them were invited and they ALL GATECRASHED my sister's funeral, because I trusted LOUD MOUTH Beck, NOT to tell any of them, but he did.  The relatives deliberately FORMED a BARRIER between myself and my other late sister Susan inside the Church.  They did this by DELIBERATELY LEAVING ONE ROW OF EMPTY SEATS BEHIND SUSAN AND I.  It was Susan who drew my attention to what they had done, because she kept turning around and looking confused.  They GATECRASHED the internment at the cemetery.  It was here that HAZEL SHAW stepped forward and RUDELY tossed some dirt onto my dear, sweet, beloved youngest sister's coffin.  When she turned around, she avoided eye contact with me, but broke out into a WILD GLEEFUL GRIN and then there WAS LAUGHTER and it was INFECTIOUS - they were ALL LAUGHING.

HAZEL SHAW - DECEASED - NAMED AND SHAMED.  This bitch died just over a year later than my youngest sister and at Christmas time also.  According to the memorial stone, she died December 23. 2017.  Her daughter - Beverly Lazenby thinks that I am UNAWARE of this death.

JENNY OLIVER LUNN - Snr - NOW DECEASED.  She died during July of 2018.  Her daughter CAROL OLIVER LUNN BLAYDON also believes that I am oblivious to this death.

She along with Shaw made a COMPLETE LAUGHING MOCKERY of my youngest sister's funeral and making SNIDE REMARKS - LOUD enough for Susan and I to hear the ABUSE, inside the cemetery.

NOT one family member stepped forward and offered support or comfort to either of us.  We were LAUGHED AT MOCKED and IGNORED.

Beverly Lazenby deliberately WALKED straight past Susan and I when the internment service ended, she NEVER made eye contact and COMPLETELY IGNORED US.


I trusted him to KEEP his mouth shut about my youngest sister's funeral arrangements, but that was the BIGGEST mistake that I had made within the relatives and I might as well have gone to the Bridlington harbour and ASKED THE FOG HORN there to keep quiet.

Beck is also a naive, gullible THIEF (he stole one of my collectible knives).  He got SUCKED in by the EVIL LIES OF THE NAZI SOCIAL SERVICES - NAZI OFFICER - PETER HEANEY who told the whole committee meeting, which included George Beck, that I had deliberately left my father HOME ALONE for THREE days and my father was found soaked in his own feces for THREE DAYS - IT IS ALL LIES, LIES, LIES. (The nazi social services special committee meeting was set up to DECIDE WHAT THEY - NAZI SOCIAL SERVICES were going to do about MY MOTHER who was still alive at that time).**It is well worth noting for me to BRING your attention to the United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 and it is RELEVANT to this case - that the AUTHORITIES should take FULL CONTROL and POWER of families and to make decisions about families and to DISREGARD immediate families wishes** (It is all there for you to read on the internet, just google Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030).  And BECK believed them.  I NEVER once left my father for such long periods of time.  I left my father's house at 18.20 hours after helping him and the NAZI SOCIAL SERVICES STRUCK at 18.30 hours on November 18,2015.  The nazi social services were OBVIOUSLY surveilling the house. 


Acting upon my mother's demands, I called Sylvia Garner at 22.30 hours on the night that my youngest sister had died.  According to my naive mother - Sylvia would support and help us, because we were in ABSOLUTE DISTRESS, first my father and then my youngest sister MURDERED - 8 weeks after my father.  Sylvia Garner has NOT bothered to contact my family or my mother (who was her sister) for over 40 years.  This is what Sylvia Garner had to say when I informed her of my youngest sister's death : "I HAVE TO GO NOW, SOMEONE IS KNOCKING ON THE DOOR."  And that was said in a VERY CALM, COOL, COLLECTIVE, CALLOUS, UNCARING MANNER.  I have since had NO contact with her at all.  And so far as I am aware, she is the ONLY surviving relative of the 5 sisters to date.


Because I am a KIND, CONSIDERATE person who values EVERYTHING that money and gold cannot buy:  I offer the FOLLOWING advice to people who unfortunatey fall sick during this EVIL WORLD WAR III :

If you must seek medical attention - you MUST be selective in which medical practitioner that you chose to help you. You need to find a medical practitioner who has absolutely NO connection with the EVIL NAZI government at all and a medical practitioner who is NOT and CANNOT be controlled by the NAZI government.  You will need to be EXTREMELY SELECTIVE when you do this, because YOUR LIFE IS AT RISK if you do NOT.  Otherwise, if you value your LIFE - STAY AWAY FROM GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MEDICAL FACILITIES, it will bring you NOTHING but GRIEF, IF YOU DON'T.

My professional advice to those who fall ill with a virus is as follows (AND IT WORKS with ALL VIRUSES) :

1. Drink plenty of water and stay HYDRATED.  You must drink at least 2 litres of water or 2 pints of water - daily.

2. Purchase ECHINACEA for COLDS & FLU from the health store or online.  As soon as you fall ill - take 2 tablets 3 times daily.  Once you start to feel better - STOP the treatment.

3. Eat lots of chicken soup and oxtail soup, to keep you full nourished.

4. Drink plenty of hot drinks and keep that temperature UP inside your mouth.

5. SLEEP - sleep is VITAL for FULL RECOVERY.  It doesn't matter if it is daytime or not - you MUST sleep whilst you are ill - both DAY and NIGHT.

Do that, and I guarantee you that you will BE ON YOUR FEET within 5 days.  And that includes treating this new so called virus.  Personally, I believe it is a FAKE, because I don't know of anyone who has ever had it and I have NEVER had it.  And whatever it is - it is NO more deadlier than the seasonal flu.

This WORLD WAR III has been raging now for quite a FEW years and the trend is SET TO GET MUCH WORSE.  World War III is NOT GLARINGLY OBVIOUS, because it is NOT a TRADITIONAL WAR with bullets, tanks, machine guns, bombers.  And the ENEMY IS NOT OBVIOUS AND IS HIDDEN - the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE IS - YOUR GOVERNMENT, THE UNITED NATIONS with their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, The World Health Organisation, the Pharmaceutical companies, the European Union, BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION.

BILL GATES is the EVIL NAZI WARLORD successor to ADOLF HITLER's THIRD REICH.  The FOURTH REICH has NOW commenced with a NEW EVIL MADMAN DICTATOR who has DESIRES to RULE THE WORLD, KILL US ALL AND ENSLAVE US ALL.  There is hardly one authoritarian body that has NOT been bought by this EVIL MADMAN.

Someone who is in authority out there who is NOT controlled by the NAZI OVERLORD Bill Gates should do something about Bill Gates and STOP HIM, because if they don't, THE 21ST CENTURY HOLOCAUST IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER and this time it will be EVEN MORE CATASTROPHIC and will SPREAD TO ALL 4 CORNERS OF THE EARTH and BILLIONS will be EXECUTED BY LETHAL INJECTION, coming in the guise of a PROTECTIVE CORONAVIRUS VACCINE.