09 Aug

The UK government is using every NASTY little trick in the book and they are using their billionaire thug backers, their own thuggish teams and the mainstream media to BREAK US DOWN, by instilling FEAR and TERROR into the hearts and souls of their people in order to MAKE them become SO MISERABLE that most of us WILL COMMIT SUICIDE because most of us will SEE NO WAY OUT OF THIS MESS.  That is EXACTLY what they WANT YOU TO DO.  DON'T play into their hands and commit suicide, they are TRYING their EVILEST to DEPOPULATE this nation.

You are experiencing and witnessing the FIRST STAGES of the GLOBAL RESET and THAT is an UTTER and TERRIFYING science fiction NIGHTMARE.  You DON'T want to live in world so TERRIBLE that by constantly wearing face masks every time you go to the shops and they will FORCE you to have a TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINE pumped into your body that if the HOUSE ARRESTS - DON'T starve you to DEATH, the VACCINE WILL KILL YOU.  You really DON'T want that life.  We are ALREADY being OPPRESSED and the TREND is set to GET MUCH WORSE. DON'T be fooled by the governments CONTINUOUS LIES, they will tell you that if you be good and do what you are told - everything will be over by CHRISTMAS.  COBBLERS, we are AT WAR and this will GO ON FOR A LONG LONG TIME.

The UK government are using PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE to TERRIFY THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of WEAK and VULNERABLE citizens.  They have DRUMMED it into MOST people that the COVID19 CORONAVIRUS is DEADLY and it just simply is NOT TRUE.  The seasonal flu kills far more people in one winter season than the coronavirus ever did. THE UK GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO YOU to BREAK YOU DOWN and make you SO VULNNERABLE that you will be WILLING and PREPARED to take WHAT THEY THROW AT YOU and that INCLUDES :


These vaccines are TOXIC, they are UNSAFE and they KILL PEOPLE.

I took my LAST vaccine during the autumn of 1993 and that H1N1 vaccine ALMOST CLAIMED MY LIFE and I was ILL and AT DEATHS DOOR for months.

Regardless of whether they make Bill Gates backed COVID19 vaccine MANDATORY or NOT - I will NOT be having that poisonous and dangerous stuff PUMPED INTO ME.  I mean good heavens, I have been VACCINE FREE now for over 27 years and I am doing just CHAMPION.  I DON'T want poisons in my body.  But the EVIL government who have BETRAYED US ALL will probably issue substantial fines to REFUSERS of the toxic poisonous vaccine or SEND US TO PRISON for REFUSING A VACCINE.  And that is why vulnerable people are committing suicide because they DON'T want what the government are throwing at them, they DON'T want OPPRESSION and they can see NO WAY OUT OF THIS TERRIFYING MESS that they have been CATAPULTED INTO.  And the trend is set to get MUCH WORSE and trust me, it will RAPIDLY SPIRAL DOWNWARDS INTO THE DEEP DARK PITS OF HELL.

The MORE people who REALISE what is happening right now can JOIN US in our CAMPAIGN TO FIGHT BACK and RESIST.  They CAN'T PUT everyone in jail.  If we all pull together on this one, WE WILL WIN.  There is MORE of us than there is of them, we CAN WIN.

This World War III has NOT just started, some STRANGE events were taking place around the time when my WHOLE FAMILY WERE MURDERED by the NAZI NHS hospital.  The events were SO BIZARRE that I didn't pick up on them BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE.  The general medical practice doctors have MORE powers than you think that they do and at that time, I was IGNORANT of that fact.  First they included and sent SOCIAL SERVICES Ray Speed to THREATEN my father through a locked door.  He was THREATENED again when he opened the door to this creep and then this creep FORCED my father into the back of a waiting ambulance AGAINST HIS WILL.  My father died within 24 hours of arriving at the hospital and before he was sent to surgery, my youngest sister and I INSTRUCTED the Junior Doctor Shirazi - NOT TO PROCEED with the operation because it would kill my father.  We were IGNORED and my father was MURDERED inside that operating theater with TOXIC LETHAL DRUGS.  My youngest sister took ill almost all of a sudden on Christmas eve 2015 - SHE was THREATENED and BULLIED by the SAME doctor who sent Ray Speed after my father.  His name is Dr. Ajay Mistry.  My sister was streets in front of me when she disclosed to me that SOMETHING WAS WRONG AND THAT SHE DIDN'T TRUST THE DOCTOR.  Apparently, she was right.  We were placed under an awful lot of pressure to go get some blood tests done at the clinic just after Christmas and my sister told me that WE WERE WALKING INTO A TRAP. We did walk straight into a trap and the police were waiting for us and my poorly sister was BULLIED onto an ambulance trolley by the gestapo coppers and I can still hear her FRANTIC SCREAMS even now as she was being whisked down that corridor on the stretcher, they were the kind of screams you would hear when someone was about to be MURDERED.  I suddenly realised what was happening when it was too late and by that time, my sister was SEVERELY DOPED UP WITH DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS, she was HARDLY COHERENT.  That was the FIRST time they left us alone and with her assistance, I tried to get her off that trolley in the cubicle and I was going to put her in a wheelchair and walk out of that HORRIBLE, WICKED hospital.  She couldn't move because she was so heavily sedated.  The killer nurse was jabbing my sister every 15 minutes with a conglomeration of TOXIC, DANGEROUS DRUGS.  When she came back a third time, I challenged the killer nurse and she told me that she knew what she was doing and a fight broke out as I tried to STOP her from KILLING my sister.  Security was called and I was ejected from that hospital.  My sister DIED due to TOXIC DRUG OVERDOSES.  My mother and my middle sister were ALSO DRUGGED TO DEATH with LETHAL TOXIC DRUG OVERDOSES.

Following that colossal tragic fiasco the Gestapo police came banging on my father's door one week after my youngest sister's death.  I was only there to check the house and was doing what my mother ordered me to do.  We had just lost my father and my youngest sister and all my mother was getting on about was that the house was empty and would I go check on it.  I opened the door to these bullying gestapo coppers and as soon as I opened the door, they FORCED their way into my father's hallway, clutching two house search warrants and making ridiculous DEMANDS.  This is how the state TREATS its law abiding citizens.  The male told me that I was UNDER ARREST and I asked him what the charges were and he told me that they were arresting me for my father's and my sister's death, which sounded PREPOSTEROUS and too DAFT to laugh at.  They were ALREADY aware that BOTH of my family members had been taken ill and that they had died in hospital and were DELIVERED LETHAL OVERDOSES OF TOXIC DRUGS, but they didn't care about that, they were HELL BENT on arresting me.  One of the female officers BELINDA DHAMI - DEMANDED my father's HOUSE DEEDS.  I mean what the hell did she want those for?  She didn't get them.  I will tell you WHY she demanded the house deeds, I wasn't aware of it at that time, but I NEVER gave them up anyway.  And this is WHY they wanted them - this is ALL CONNECTED to the GLOBAL RESET and the NEW WORLD ORDER and the EVIL AMIBTIOUS PLANS OF THE UNITED NATIONS and their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.  What happened to ME 4 years ago - the KILLING of my family and the attempted confiscation of my father's property FALLS IN WITH THE AGENDA 21 plan of the United Nations takeover and that NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT that is on the horizon.  TERRIFYING ISN'T IT? She demanded the house deeds because they had INTENTIONS of CONFISCATING my father's house.  It ALL makes sense now what happened 4 years ago and what is happening in the world right now.

I let my youngest sister - MY PAL, down BADLY and I can't stop thinking of that fateful night that spirited my sister away forever and how we were BOTH BETRAYED by an EVIL POWERFUL DOCTOR who was ALREADY working towards the GLOBAL RESET and the NEW WORLD ORDER.  And my family DIED because of some EVIL government bastards POLITICAL GREED.  And I am SUFFERING for the REST of my life because of what happened to my family FOUR years ago.

During that time when my family were dying, the relatives deliberately OSTRACISED us and IGNORED my mother's plea for help.  They turned their tails and RUN LIKE THE COWARDS they are.  Two of them have since died and it was only through research that I discovered this fact and because of how they treated MY FAMILY whilst they were BEING MURDERED by the state, I felt nothing, when I learnt of their deaths.


That is listed ON the United Nations site, you CAN read the FULL documents for yourself.

DON'T be WAYLAID by the mainstream PROPAGANDA MACHINE that is in FULL SWING right now (who are controlled completely by the UK government.)  They are SLANTING it about that THIS DOCUMENT ISN'T REAL.  They are POMPOUS ASSES, of COURSE IT IS REAL.  A crook will AWAYS DENY what they are up to.  They have NOT even bothered to take it down.  The mainstream propaganda is also putting it around that it is NOT a legally binding document - SO WHAT?  That wasn't a LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT WHEN THE BENT CRACKPOT LUNATIC - ADOLF HITLER tookover and went in to OCCUPY CZECHOLSLOVAKIA and POLAND at the beginning of World War II.  The mainstream media are LYING TO YOU - THE DOCUMENT IS REAL and part of the agenda what is contained inside these documents have ALREADY TAKEN PLACE with my family - BEING KILLED and the UK police attempting to CONFISCATE my father's house.  YOU THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT THAT and then maybe you will DISCOVER THE BIGGER PICTURE.  Next on the agenda will be MASS ARRESTS, MASS GENOCIDE and ENSLAVEMENT of the survivors inside HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION camps where they can be EASILY CONTROLLED.  We are FIGHTING TO STOP THIS EVIL WAR FROM PROGRESSING ANY FURTHER.  It NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW.

Like I said, this WAR has NOT just started - it was gearing up 4 years ago and maybe a little longer than that.

There were SOME VERY RED FACES when the Gestapo came back to APOLOGISE to me for putting me through all of that SCHMALTZ in the third week in January 2016 for nothing.  The state performed an autopsy/postmortem upon MY PAL in February of 2016 and it proved WITHOUT DOUBT MY COMPLETE INNOCENCE.

It matters NOT what is contained on the autopsy report, what RILED me was the fact that the PATHOLOGIST who performed this autopsy NEVER conducted a TOXICOLOGY TEST, which is standard procedure in criminal cases.  I chased him up about that after tracking him down and actually spoke to him on the phone and he was SHOCKED to learn that I had been arrested in January 2016 for my father's and my sister's death and he told me that he was a HISTOPATHOLOGIST NOT a criminal pathologist.

My deceased sister's body should have had a TOXICOLOGY TEST performed and THERE they would have DISCOVERED THE REAL TRUTH WHY SHE DIED.  And the UK state government COVERED IT UP.


The state have ALREADY MURDERED all of my family and NOW they are PLANNING TO MURDER ME, either via HOUSE ARREST leading to STARVATION, OPPRESSING ME SO MUCH that it BECOMES UNBEARABLE and PUSH ME TO THE BRINK OF SUICIDE or KILL ME VIA A MANDATORY TOXIC VACCINATION.  Well, I have news for them I am having NONE of it and I WILL FIGHT BACK to honour my deceased family.  The state WILL NOT WIN.



Thank you for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT.  We really APPRECIATE IT.