02 Aug

The Killing Machine Nazi NHS hospital NEEDS to be LIQUIDATED - RIGHT NOW and the UGLY NAZI nhs buildings that appear like CANCEROUS WARTS amidst the local skies - NEED to be RAZED to the GROUND.

The NAZI NHS KILLING MACHINE HOSPITAL does NOT need a cash injection, it needs to be LIQUIDATED - FINISHED - FOLDED forever.  THEY ARE KILLING INNOCENT people inside those HUGE DEATH CHAMBERS and they are doing this by pumping LETHAL DOSES OF TOXIC DANGEROUS DRUGS into the bodies of their patients. Then some of the patients DIE.  My family were MURDERED using this EVIL NAZI technique.

Every time I drive into town, I can see the CANCEROUS WART of the NAZI RUN HOSPITAL that rises up RUINING and SPOILING the skyline.

When my grief was FRESH, I sought out help from a bereavement services in a town where I reside and I was met by an elderly woman called EDNA who was running this bereavement services from an upstairs room inside a cricket social club and I can vividly recall feeling NAUSEOUS as I continually smelled the PUNGENCY of alcohol from the bar downstairs.  I tearfully explained my circumstances to Edna and the fact that I had suffered a TREMENDOUS LOSS.  Indeed, I was suffering from a condition called ACCUMULATIVE GRIEF.  The following is what the callous Edna advised me to do :  She said :


I NEVER went back.  It was at that point that I knew that I was left ALL alone, with NO support of any kind.  I had been abandoned by the EVIL BRAINWASHED relatives.  The neighbors are HOSTILE, although they have no real reason to be hostile towards me, only to say that THEY HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED BY THE NAZI GOVERNMENT also.

I approached one neighbor whom had professed to be a friend of my youngest sisters and when I went for help and support - she LAUGHED at me.  Her name is Margaret and I also approached a man who lived on this estate, whom I thought I knew very well and asked him for help and support and he treated me COLDLY, his name is Wynne.

Nowadays, I DON'T trust these HOSTILE neighbors, they will spit and stamp on me, before help me.  They too have been BRAINWASHED by the EVIL NAZI GOVERNMENT.