25 Jul

ARE YOU BECOMING EVEN MORE CONCERNED about how your government is TERRORISING you THREATENING you and FORCING you to become an OBEDIENT SLAVE to the NEW WORLD NAZI SYSTEM?  Then please READ ON, because this REAL, EVIL, MONSTER, NAZI threat to OVERTURN CAPITALISM has ALREADY STARTED.  They have STARTED : WORLD WAR III and just because you DON'T see any BULLETS flying around - DON'T let that lull you into a false sense of security that there is NO war and there is nothing happening.  INDEED there is and it is a WAR not unlike any other wars.  The ENEMY is NOT OBVIOUS, is POWERFUL and is HIDING.  The ENEMY is : YOUR GOVERNMENT and they need to be OUSTED from their posts.  That would be the ULTIMATE GOAL - to FIGHT BACK - RESIST.  Do everything you can to NOT CONFORM to their EVIL WAYS.  The government is PLANNING to : KILL MOST OF THE WORLD POPULATION.  And the PATHWAY to this EVIL GENOCIDE is via the NEW CORONAVIRUS VACCINE - (if one is EVER developed).  The UNITED NATIONS, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION and the BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION are ALL BEHIND THIS EVIL - NAZISM.  They PLAN TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, they PLAN to ADOPT the ADOLF HITLER policies.  They are ALL MAD and they are ALL BENT.  This EVILNESS NEEDS TO BE STAMPED OUT and if we ALL STAND TOGETHER - we WILL FIGHT THESE EVIL DICTATORS and WIN.

When I was first made aware of this EVIL, HIDDEN, NAZI style regime, it was brought to my attention that the UK government have INTRODUCED SOME EVIL AND UNACCEPTABLE LAWS TO ENFORCE THEIR CITIZENS TO DON FACE MASKS INSIDE SHOPS.  If you DON'T wear a face mask in shops - you WILL be fined £100 for DISOBEYING orders and the police could be involved.  This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for a CAPITALIST.  The CONSERVATIVE government of Great Britain is NOT conservative, it has TURNED - NAZI.  And their AIM is to STRIVE TO TAKE MORE FREEDOM FROM US ALL.  They will issue you with EMPTY PROMISES, that if you be good and DO AS YOU ARE ORDERED, EVERYTHING WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL by the end of the year - THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.  They will take MORE freedom away from you as time progresses. Do you really WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD OF FACISM, SLAVERY?  We NEED TO FIGHT BACK RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE.


The United Nations have been plotting to take over the world for many years and they have put a lot of EXTREMELY VERY THOUGHTFUL PLANNING INTO THIS.  And this dates back to 1976 and their AGENDA 21.  Their MAD idea to take over the world is NO DIFFERENT to the MADMAN DICTATOR OF WORLD WAR II - ADOLF HITLER and his sidekicks.  One EVIL warlord I have come to know VERY WELL, because back in 1995 when I was researching World War II, I stumbled across SOME VERY BRAVE FREEDOM FIGHTERS in 1942.  They were the CZECHOSLOVAKIA RESISTANCE - ALSO KNOWN AS : SOKOLVSKA.  I became so intrigued by this fascinating story, that my youngest sister and I arranged to travel to the Czech Republic in September of 1995 to check out this AMAZING, TRUTHFUL, HEARTBREAKING STORY.  I learnt ALL about the men and women of this organisation that SACRIFIED their lives in the name of FREEDOM and their CAMPAIGN is NOW OUR CAMPAIGN.  I learnt about the EVIL BUTCHER OF PRAGUE - SS OBERGRUPPENFUHRER REINHARD HEYDRICH.  Not only did this MADMAN kill thousands of INNOCENT czechoslovak citizens, it was HEYDRICH who introduced : THE FINAL SOLUTION to the Jewish problem (which really wasn't a problem) but the NAZIS wanted to proceed with their ETHNIC cleansing and Heydrich ORDERED the deaths of all those people inside the DEATH CAMPS.  The most FAMOUS DEATH CAMP BEING : AUSCHWITZ, followed by BIRKENHAU and some other less famous camps.  Heydrich, pronouced : HYDRICK was a MOST EVIL DICATATATIVE WARLORD.  Indeed, he was the SELF APPOINTED Reichprotector of Bohemia and Moravia.  NOBODY dared MESS with him, well NOT all - there was the CZECHOSLOVAK RESISTANCE.  And the RESISTANCE eventually SUCCEEDED IN ANNIHILATING HEYRICH.  It was : Jan Kubis's hand grenade that eventually despatched this EVIL WARLORD off this planet.  Jan, didn't do this ALONE, the WHOLE resistance were INVOLVED.  The following names are just a FEW of the MANY MANY RESISTANCE WORKERS throughout occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II.  The names of the Czechoslovak resistance were : Jindra (Resistance leader), Uncle Hajsky, Marie Moravec, Ata Moravec, Jan Kubis, Josef Gabcik, Lt. Adolf Opalka, Jan Hruby, Josef Valcik, Jaroslav Svarc and Josef Bublik. DON'T let these BRAVE freedom fighters of World War II in 1942 have died for NOTHING.  We MUST CONTINUE to FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.  The NAZIS are BACK.  They are ALL AROUND YOU.  They are YOUR GOVERNMENT,  they are working within YOUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.  THEY ARE MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE.  They are in the UNITED NATIONS,  they are in the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, THE NAZIS are also in YOUR POLICE FORCES and they are in the NHS.  FIGHT BACK, you must. If you are a TRUE CAPITALIST, you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE APPREHENSIVE ABOUT OR FEEL FEARFUL ABOUT.

In the following paragraphs, I will OUTLINE what YOU as an individual CAN DO RIGHT NOW to RESIST and FIGHT BACK THIS EVIL NAZI, FACIST, COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST REGIME.  DON'T let this country or any other FREE country rapidly spiral downwards into a SLAVERY PIT like what is happening is China RIGHT NOW.  We are NOT Chinese and we are CAPITALISTS.  FIGHTING TO GET OUR FREEDOM BACK.

Since this EVIL monster regarding this SO CALLED - NEW VIRUS (as government PROPAGANDA) has put it, WILL kill you.  It will NOT kill you.  This is part of the NEW WORLD ORDER takeover plan, it is ALL PROPAGANDA, LIES, DISTORTION, EVIL THREATS, DON'T get sucked in with it, TRUST ME - YOU DON'T WANT TO BE A SLAVE.  There is NO killer coronavirus, it was just another mutated virus that hardly made a dent in the world at all.  This new mutated flu virus has claimed the lives of very little people throughout the world and the people whom have died, have usually already been hampered with a million other medical problems and some have NOT died from the virus at all, but have died from NATURAL CAUSES.  PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT propaganda MONSTER.  Listen, I am BLOOD GROUP A- (A NEGATIVE).  You would ask "what has that got to do with anything?"  I will tell you now that people with MY BLOODGROUP get SICK A LOT, believe me - THEY DO.  I have caught virus after virus after virus after virus - for MOST OF MY LIFE.  And guess what?  I have NEVER had this NEW SO CALLED VIRUS - BIT ODD THAT, seeing as I get sick easily.  I have NOT been isolating myself, I have been going about my daily business and I NEVER got sick.  Why?  Because the world governments are SETTING US UP TO BECOME WORLD SLAVES and THIS IS PART OF THEIR EVIL NAZI PLAN.  And the ONLY way for them to SUCCEED is by :



Since this MADNESS erupted during March of this year 2020, I have been keeping a DAILY DIARY of EVENTS.  And what I have recorded as MY OWN experiences of these MAD TIMES is EXTREMELY PROFOUND INDEED.

The last time I was able to access the bank for my money was during March 2020.  When I first pulled into the car park and bought my parking ticket - EVERYTHING SEEMED NORMAL; until I reached the HIGH STREET.  The High Street was virutally DESERTED.  Most shops were CLOSED.  The bank was virtually EMPTY.  There were 6 people waiting in the queue/line to do business with one of the three cashiers who were serving that day.   A gangly looking short haired tall man with a takeway coffee in his hand - stood behind me.  He hadn't been stood there three minutes when he let out a COUGH, which I found annoying, as I get sick easily.  Moving on quickly - I NEVER did catch anything from him and I was NEVER SICK and I have never felt healthier now than I have ever done in all of my life and there is a : REASON why I am getting healthier - because I STOPPED the POISONOUS VACCINES from entering my body following the 1993 problem.  I will discuss this matter in FULL DETAIL later on in my blog.  Like I said earlier - THE VACCINES ARE PART OF THE  PROBLEM and if the world population BELIEVE the EVIL LIES of the NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT - then they will DIE from the poisons of the vaccines.

The AGENDA 21 of the United Nations has been formulating for years since 1976 and part of their plan is to : TAKE THE OWNERSHIP of privately owned properties of homeownersand businesses - THAT IS TOTALLY SHOCKING.  Those were part of ADOLF HITLER'S policies.  BILL GATES of the Microsoft corporation - also NEEDS INVESTIGATING, he is INVESTING millions into these organisations and governments around the world and he also FUNDS : POPULATION CONTROL.  He is also a VACCINE FREAK and someone in authority needs to do something about this DANGEROUS PERSON, who plans to make VACCINES COMPULSORY throughout the world - Now THAT is a REAL NIGHTMARE - it needs to be STOPPED.

Let me take you back to four and a half years ago when my WHOLE FAMILY WERE ALIVE.  It is only recently, that I have PIECED all of THIS NAZI MADNESS together.  It appears as though NAZISM is taking off now.  Well actually - it is ACCELERATING.  Four and a half years ago my parents fell ill, they became so ill, that my youngest sister and I had to temporarily move out of our house and move back in with our parents, because they couldn't manage even their basic needs, like getting out of bed, bathing and preparing a meal.  We moved back to our parents' home during the beginning of Spring 2015 and as the seasons progressed, our parents' illnesses deteriorated.  It was during this time that the EVIL NAZI NHS was SPYING on my family.  They were going on the internet and finding out all kinds of personal details about our family.  I didn't even know this was ALLOWED - apparently it is which I found absolutely SHOCKING.  It wasn't until September 2015 that UNSETTLING matters REALLY HIT THE FAN.  It was my sister's idea for us to go home for a couple of days to get some rest because our parents' were keeping us BUSY all day and keeping us awake and UP ALL NIGHT and we were fatigued.  This had been going on for 3 months and I was shattered. I can still see the disappointment and sadness on my father's face when he said to me pitifully "HOW ARE WE GOING TO MANANGE?" and I advised him to wing it and make the BEST of it for 3 days.  When my sister and I arrived back home, she did NOTHING but sleep, sleep and sleep.  I thought, 'fair enough, it has taken its toll.'   So I let her sleep and I got on with doing some work during the day and answering phone calls from our parents' in between.  When my sister finally awoke, she suggested that we stay home for a week, so 4 more days were added. My father was terribly disappointed when I told him, but he accepted what I said.  My sister was getting sleepier and sleepier and she extended the week to two weeks, then three weeks, then four weeks and THAT was a mistake that I PAID dearly for in the end.  On the last night of the fourth week, I received a FRANTIC DESPERATE PHONE CALL FROM my mother at ten to midnight and she was FRANTIC, she squealed down the phone "YOU GET YOURSELF DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW OR I AM CALLING FOR AN AMBULANCE, YOUR FATHER CAN'T BREATHE."  But as usual, she was just PANICKING and I tried my utmost to CALM her down.  I reassured her that we would be there in less than 4 hours time.  Four hours later, the taxi with myself and my sister pulled up outside our parents' home.  We went inside and the house was EMPTY.  We called around and discovered that they had BOTH been FORCED into hospital AGAINST their will.  We went to the hospital and my mother swore blind that SHE NEVER CALLED FOR AN AMBULANCE OR CALLED THE NHS.  And THAT was a mystery, because my father NEVER called them and we know we NEVER called them.  It was the EVIL NAZI NHS - SPYING on us again.  In case any of you have wondered why I am telling you all about my family - THERE IS A VERY GOOD REASON for this - BECAUSE this EVIL NEW WORLD ORDER was even EXISTING BACK THEN, that is why the NHS were acting weird and what they did to my family NEXT was EVEN MORE BIZARRE AND WEIRD.  In fact, I was TOTALLY SHOCKED AT JUST HOW MUCH POWER THAT AN NHS WORKER ACTUALLY HAD and that was back in 2015.  I think all of this EVILNESS started BEFORE then, but that is WHEN I STARTED NOTICING A CHANGE IN BRITAIN when my OWN BELOVED FAMILY BECAME VICTIMS of this progressive EVIL NAZI NEW WORLD ORDER - THEY WERE ACTUALLY - MURDERED BY THE NHS - all 4 OF THEM.

They were soon discharged from the hospital during that time, but in November 2015 things turned REALLY BAD.  During the second week of November 2015 - my mother had been FORCED back into hospital again and the NHS always managed to do these EVIL deeds when my sister and I had just left our parents' property.  Not one occurrence but on several occurrences and it was MUCH MORE than coincidence.  We were BEING SPIED ON by the NAZI NHS.

It was November 18, 2015 at 6pm when I was sitting with my father inside his house and he was all alone.  For the first time in our family history, my sister had refused to come with me to see our father, stating that she was so very tired and I started to WORRY.  We went everywhere together and this was abnormal for her to refuse me.  I received a phone call from my sister, whilst my father was sleeping on the sofa and she wanted me to come home.  As soon as I stood up from the armchair, my father turned over and said "oh please don't leave me."  So I stayed a little while longer.  The phone rang again and it was my sister, this time it was 6.20pm and my father gave me his blessing for me to go home, but I promised him that I'd be back within an hour or so.  No sooner had I left my father's house, TRAGEDY STRUCK.  I arrived back home and as soon as I arrived back home 30 minutes later, I called my father and a STRANGE VOICE answered his mobile/cell phone.  Thinking I had been transfered to a different number by a network error, I hung up and dialled again.  The strange male voice answered again.  I hung up and I was getting worried and told my sister that we should get down there because something WEIRD was happening at my father's home and he was all alone.  I called a third time, this time my father answered the phone.  I asked him who had gotten into his house and he answered me in TWO WORDS - SOCIAL WORKER.  I asked him WHY and he REMAINED SILENT.  None of us had contacted social services and something REALLY WICKED was going on here.  Again, we later discovered that it was the NAZI NHS who had sent social services and the state police to my father's home.  I couldn't get my father to talk and then he hung up on me and I forgave him for that.  The next time I called was 2 hours later and this time my father answered the phone and said "HELLO" and that was ALL.  I had the SPEAKERPHONE on and I said to my sister "do you hear that in the background?" And she replied "it sounds like a HOSPITAL setting."  I called my father again and this time, he DIDN'T answer his phone at  all.  I couldn't contact my mother because she was IMPRISONED inside the NAZI NHS hospital, my other sister lived in another county.  We called the Accident and Emergency Department of the hospital and made ENQUIRIES.  YES, my father was there and he was IN THE A&E. We immediately went to the A&E (E.R.) in the car.  After making enquiries at the reception desk, we were redirected to a cubicle and there WE FOUND OUR FATHER IN A RIGHT STATE and he was TERRIFIED out of his WITS - this has ALL TO DO WITH NAZISM. He was begging my sister and I to take him out of there.  The first question I asked him was "how did that STRANGER get inside your house."  My father answered "I let him him."  I told him that that was IMPOSSIBLE, because my father could hardly stand up let alone walk to negotiate the living room door into the hallway to unlock the locked external front door.  And the following is SHOCKING of what he told me next.  He told me that the MALE social worker THREATENED HIM through a locked closed door and told him "IF YOU DON'T OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW, I WILL HAVE IT KICKED IN."  Being home alone and frightened because he was VERY POORLY, my father deliberately threw himself onto the floor from the sofa and crawled on his hands and knees, negotiating the living room door, then into the hallway and then UNLOCKING the front door to LET A COMPLETE STRANGER INTO THE FAMILY HOME.  Now if that is NOT NAZI FACISM, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.  Life NEVER used to be like this. We tried IN VAIN to get my father discharged from the hospital.  One of the first things he said to me after he told me THAT HORROR STORY WAS - "I WANT TO GO HOME, MAKE THEM LET ME GO HOME."  I reassured him that we would do EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER to make this happen.  You see, many years ago, hospitals were REAL HOSPITALS - NOT ANY MORE, they are NOW PRISONS WITHOUT BARS AT THE WINDOWS and they have security staff everywhere and the staff are EXTREMELY GOOD AT threatening visitors and patients with the POLICE.  My father was FORCED onto a ward at 11pm and we hung around wanting to talk to the physician on duty.  Time was moving on quick and it was approaching midnight again.  The physician ushered my sister and I into a side room and he brought in a nurse (AS A WITNESS) - this is HOW EVIL they have become, he DIDN'T need a witness, we were only there to help our father.  This junior doctor READ THE RIOT ACT out to us, then he ORDERED US OUT OF THE ROOM, THREATENING US WITH SECURITY, even though we had DONE NOTHING WRONG.  We told him that if he proceeded with the surgery that they were going to do, that my father would be DEAD within 24 hours and we WANTED HIM TO LIVE.  We were told "DON'T YOU TALK DOWN TO ME LIKE THAT AND GET OUT."  The last phrase that I said to him was "you DON'T care, he isn't your father," and I said that through desperation, trying to get him to change his mind.  He yelled "GET OUT." So we did.  I NEVER saw my father alive ever again.  He DIED within 24 hours of the surgery and WE TRIED TO STOP THIS MADNESS.

My mother went HYSTERICAL when my father died.  The strange thing is that she NEVER cried in front of us and she always cried in front of us in the past.  As soon as my sister and I walked onto the ward to see my mother, she went BESERK.  I don't know what the NAZI NHS staff had told her, but whatever it was : it WAS A PACK OF LIES.  She screamed HYSTERICALLY "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT THAT YOUR FATHER HAS DIED."  And she was pointing and waving her finger WILDLY AT ME and I was DEVASTATED.  I have since forgiven my mother for her OUTBURST, which is UNDERSTANDABLE.  My parents had been together for much more than half a century.  They married young and lived their whole lives together for 62 AMAZING years.

My mother wanted OUT of that hospital and we tried to get her DISCHARGED.  The NAZI NHS staff called SOCIAL SERVICES, SECURITY and POLICE on my sister and I because they REGARDED US AS A THREAT.  As we were TRICKED into waiting for our mother to come away from the hospital with us, Social Services people turned up with SECURITY GUARDS and they VERBALLY LACED INTO US.  Using NAZI style tactics they DEMANDED the family owned HOUSE KEYS from us and WE RESISTED.  They got NOTHING.  My sister and I walked STRAIGHT THROUGH THEIR HUMAN BARRICADE.  When I saw my mother later on during another day, she told us that she had NOT TOLD THE SOCIAL SERVICES to take her house keys off of her daughters and I BELIEVED her.  SOMETHING ROTTEN was going off here, but yet this ROTTENNESS rapidly spiralled downwards fast and got worse.

My mother was eventually RELEASED from hospital and the NAZI NHS allowed her to go home.

It was December 6, 2015 when TRAGEDY STRUCK my family ONCE AGAIN.  I hadn't seen my father since the day before he died and he had only just recently been transported to the local funeral home and on December 6, 2015 we had a 1pm appointment with the funeral home to go to MY FATHER'S WAKE (some people call it a viewing), some people call it a visit, whatever, but I am part American, having resided in Texas in the USA for a few years in my younger days and whilst we were living over there, we adopted the American way and it has stuck with me ever since.  As soon as we entered the wake with a member of the funeral home, my sister received a FRANTIC phone call from my mother, who was home alone and was TERRIFIED because someone was trying to break in and was beating down on the front window and the front door.  We were advised to stay with our father for the wake and then go see what what going on at the house.  My sister kept talking to my frantic mother on the phone trying to calm her down, whilst I was WAILING MY HEAD OFF, gazing down at the LIFELESS body of my father, telling him I was sorry and wetting his face with oceansful of tears.

We had just arrived back on the estate, when we saw the NAZI workers congregating outside our parents' home.  Something was radically WRONG.  My sister advised me to park up and go CONFRONT them, because it didn't look right and apparently, she was right and I should have done.  My plan was to sit in the car, observe and hope they went away - I WAS WRONG.  As soon as the RED BATTERING ram came out of the police car, I leapt out of the car with my sister running behind me to STOP them from DAMAGING PRIVATE PROPERTY.  They were BULLYING, ARROGANT, MAKING EVIL DEMANDS.  There were two police officers, one MALE officer 6.5" tall and a slightly smaller bullying nazi female colleague.  I wanted to know what they wanted and who had sent them to our parents' home, because nothing was going on.  Apparently, the NAZI NHS had sent the police and they were waiting in the wings.  I said directly "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" And the police officer said "I want to come inside this house."  I replied "this is NOT a public house and I want you to leave."  He then used NAZI tactics on both of us sisters.  He said that he would BATTERY RAM the brand new front upvc door in if I did NOT let him in.  These are NAZI tactics.  I reluctantly turned the key in the lock because I was outside I entered the hallway and shouted through to my mother that the police were DEMANDING ENTRANCE to the family home and my mother was VERY CLEAR IN HER INSTRUCTIONS - "DON'T LET THEM IN, I DON'T WANT THEM IN HERE."  At that point, I was physically ASSAULTED by this NAZI copper.  He surprised me by shoving me onto my back and pinning me onto the hallway floor and that made me mad.  I am a martial artist and at the time, I had a good clear shot at his groin area and could have executed a good move, but I decided not to, NOT because I thought he was intimidating me, it was because I didn't want to be arrested.  I was NEVER afraid of this NAZI bully.  My sister came to help me and she too was physically assaulted by this NAZI MADMAN.  The Nazi NHS individual followed the female nazi officer into the living room and here this NAZI NHS worker administered a DOUBLE DOSE OF INSULIN to my mother - TALK ABOUT INCOMPETENCE.  They were ATTEMPTING to KILL my mother on that day and it was DELIBERATE and the GESTAPO police were helping this EVIL bitch.

At this point I thought they were going to leave us alone and that was it.  NO, on the contrary, that was JUST THE BEGINNING. My mother was FORCED back into hospital against her will and it was touch and go whether she could attend my father's funeral.  When she was discharged from the nazi hospital, she was discharged into a scruffy nazi care home.  When we enquired about my mother, they DENIED that she was in this care home.  The nazi staff were LYING, she was THERE.  I challenged them at the front door and they turned VERBALLY VIOLENT TOWARDS MYSELF AND MY SISTER, throwing out ALL KINDS OF THREATS.  And stating "I was just doing my job," THOSE ARE NAZI excuses.  They had been instructed by the nazi nhs TO KEEP MY SISTER AND I AWAY from our mother when she needed us the MOST.

By some miracle, my mother was released from her temporary prison just in time to attend our father's funeral.

December 22, 2015 - my mother had been finally released from the nazi nhs hospital and my sister and I were back home temporarily.  It was on this evening that my sister experienced a medical problem.  She went to have her regular bath and when she finished half an hour later, I heard ONE BIG CRASH and then she shouted for HELP.  I dashed to the bathroom to see my sister struggling to get up and out of the bath.  I helped her out of the bath and she was shaken by this incident. She was also traumatised and worried.  She was still sleeping a lot and eating less food.

December 23, 2015 - I received a very demanding phone call from my mother about going to spend Christmas at her home like we had in previous years, but this time was different and my sister was complaining of being tired all the time and didn't feel like going anywhere and I relayed this message to my mother, also inviting her to stay at our house for Christmas and I would have gladly gone and brought her to our house and taken her home afterwards.  But my mother was having none of it and she expressed her fears that : SHE HAD ALREADY BEEN THREATENED BY A NAZI NHS GENERAL PRACTITIONER - NOT to leave her home or they would bring the police and battery ram the front door in.  I persuaded my very poorly sister to go to our mother's house for Christmas - THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE.  We travelled the 10 mile journey to our mother's house in silence and my sister was NEVER quiet, she always had some topic to debate, but this time was different and apart from hearing the LOUD noise of the car engine, it was QUIET and I can vividly recall seeing the BLUE optic christmas lights adorning the trees on the roads that we passed.  We arrived at our mother's home and my sister was experiencing mobility problems, which was frightening, because she was a VERY ABLE BODIED PERSON.

December 24, 2015 - Christmas eve morning.  My sister's frantic calls awakened me at 6am and she was telling me that she COULD NOT MOVE.  Within a split second, she fell off the end of the bed, landed on her hands and knees and was not able to pick herself up off the floor.  I helped her to her feet and she sat on the edge of the bed trembling.  She eventually laid down and went back to sleep.

The time was now 10am and there was an UNEXPECTED knock on the door.  It was the EVIL NAZI NHS doctor with his sidekick assistant and practice nurse.  I asked my mother if she had an house appointment that she did not make us aware of and she insisted that she KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THIS VISIT and I believed her.  This evil doctor came with a MISSION and his mission was to : COERCE my mother into hospice that Christmas and my mother was having NONE OF IT.  My sister had gone back to sleep and I didn't want to disturb her, but I should have done, to seek her permission for asking this EVIL NAZI DOCTOR for some advice.  This was ANOTHER MISTAKE that I made.  I opened my BIG FAT MOUTH up to that EVIL doctor because there was still an element in me that TRUSTED the nhs just a little bit.  I asked him for some advice and expressed that I was WORRIED ABOUT MY SISTER.  That virtually SEALED my sister's fate and I have NEVER forgiven myself for trusting that EVIL NAZI DOCTOR.

During that Christmas week, we were HARASSED on the telephone EVERY TWO MINUTES - not from the surgery, but from that evil doctor attempting to coerce us to attend surgery on January 4, 2016 for some blood tests - HE NEVER LET UP, even though he had ALREADY BEEN TOLD : NO.

I made another MISTAKE, I was HOODWINKED and TRICKED by that same EVIL NAZI DOCTOR to go to the surgery with my sister on that fateful afternoon on January 4, 2016 at 2pm.  Just like my sister predicted : WE WALKED STRAIGHT INTO A TRAP.  The POLICE were called and were THREATENING TO BEAT US BOTH UP, BECAUSE WE REFUSED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL.  I will NEVER forget those TERRIFYING screams coming from my sister when they spirited her away on an ambulance stretcher. She KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO KILL HER.  And I had that same feeling too.

January 6, 2016 - my sister had been FORCED against her will into hospital.  She attempted to discharge herself and she was REFUSED by the nazi nhs hospital staff and I had just arrived back at my mother's home to see if she was alright, only to hear the news that the NAZI police had been looking for me.  This is UNBELIEVABLE and it HAPPENED TO ME.  Half an our later, I was getting ready to go back to the hospital to try to get my sister OUT OF THAT EVIL ENVIRONMENT - something was radically wrong and she needed to be out of there.  I was just heading out of the back door when there was a THUD at the front door.  Then I heard "POLICE - OPEN THE DOOR."  My mother told me NOT to open the door and with hindsight, that is what I should have done - NOT opened it.  When I opened the door, I was physically ASSAULTED by a BRITISH nazi police officer, who FORCED his way into my parents' home.  He SPAT in my face and WRENCHED my right arm up my back and told me that I was UNDER ARREST.  At first, I thought they had got the WRONG HOUSE, but I was WRONG - the NAZI doctor was behind it all and they were BENT on putting my mother into a scruffy care home and the only way they could do that was to : TAKE ME OUT OF THE EQUATION AND GET RID OF ME.  They did, I was HAULED AWAY for nothing.  I was frantic, I was distressed because I had just lost my father, I was fried out of my skull worrying about my youngest sister and fried out of my skull worrying about my poorly mother.  They locked me in a room and I was DESPERATE for assistance, so desperate that I contacted a relative whom I thought would help our family in distress because we were being targeted by an EVIL ORGANISATION - GOVERNMENT WORKERS.  I couldn't remember Beverly's telephone number and all I could think of was her home address, so I wrote a letter asking her to come see me where I was being held and that I would explain everything when she arrived.  I did it this way, because I didn't want the police reading my personal letter and I was INNOCENT - I HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG.  But then the people in Czechoslovakia and indeed all the other peoples who were caught up in World War II had done nothing wrong and they were being punished and executed.  The COWARDLY Beverly decided to IGNORE my pleas for help.  When I finally got her telephone number, her husband Alan - answered the phone and said in a COLD VOICE "I don't know anything about no letter."  Either he was a VERY GOOD ACTOR or a VERY GOOD LIAR.  She was the ONLY person that I told in the relatives that our family were in trouble and we needed help.  All of a sudden, I was contacted by another family member : George and he GOT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT WHAT HAD HAPPENED, because big mouth Beverly had blabbed to him and he TOLD ME and BLAMED ME for EVERYTHING.

During the last three weeks of my youngest sister's life, I was CHAPERONED by government workers to and from visiting my sister and they treated me like a PRISONER OF WAR.  I was SCUM and STUPID.  I was told that I DIDN'T have a brain and that I was NOT TO BE TRUSTED.  As poorly as she was, my youngest sister tried to protect and defend me and she PROTESTED at this CRUEL treatment of me and she was told to : MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND VISIT WITH YOUR SISTER.  We had NO privacy at all, but where they got the fact that I was a DANGEROUS person is BEYOND ME - the NAZI NHS DOCTOR may have made up all these EVIL LIES ABOUT ME.

My sister was treated like DIRT inside this nazi nhs hospital.  She was threatened, laughed at, starved and POISONED TO DEATH.  For years, she had been going back to that surgery for the ANNUAL TOXIC FLU JAB and for years I was begging her and begging her NOT to go back because they were SLOWLY POISONING HER TO DEATH.  I NEVER gave up the nagging and the begging.  From 1993 (when I stopped taking poisonous vaccines) I continued to nag and nag and nag right up until 2013 when I finally got through to my youngest sister that they were POISONING HER TO DEATH, but it was too little too late and for the VERY FINAL TIME : MY DEAR SWEET BELOVED YOUNGEST SISTER, WHO WAS ALSO MY BEST FRIEND, SUCCUMBED TO A MULTITUDE OF LETHAL DOSES OF TOXIC POISONOUS ALLOPATHIC DRUGS.  Within the space of 15 minutes, I witnessed my sister being pumped with NARCOTICS AND OPIOIDS and I TRIED to stop this MADNESS and challenged the nurse that was administering these LETHAL DOSES, I said "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER."  And the bitch replied "I know what I am doing."  Apparently, she did, because 21 days later my sister DIED A WICKED, HORRIBLE PAINFUL, EXCRUCIATING DEATH and the NAZI NHS HOSPITAL DID THIS TO HER.  She was MURDERED by the nazi nhs hospital.  Before they started doing this, she was begging me to help her to STOP them from doing this and believe me I TRIED SO VERY HARD, even though I was being THREATENED with police and security, I TRIED TO PROTECT MY SISTER. At the moment my sister died at 8.25pm on January 20, 2016 I started to SCREAM and WAIL and the nazi hospital staff told me to SHUT UP and they THREATENED ME and SCOWLED at me.  I shouted down the hospital corridor that they had JUST MURDERED MY SISTER and I was SHOUTING MURDERERS, MURDERERS.  They tried to SILENCE ME and I was THROWN OUT of the hospital. On that particular night, before I was thrown out of the nazi hospital, my mother insisted that I call Sylvia (her youngest sister). I pointed out to my mother that Sylvia had NOT bothered with our family for over 40 years and that it was a waste of time calling her.  My mother was very insistent and the time was 10.30pm.  I reluctantly called Sylvia and did as my mother instructed and in a very EVIL and CALM voice Sylvia replied "I HAVE TO GO NOW SOMEONE IS KNOCKING ON THE DOOR."  That is ALL that she said.

One week following my sisters UNEXPECTED and UNTIMELY death, I was visiting my mother who was back in hospital again and again - she NEVER cried once, perhaps she was feeling NUMB.  First my father, then my sister 8 weeks later. It was around this time that George came to the hospital and started BLAMING ME FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED. He was SHOCKED to HEAR the TOTAL EVIL LIES of the Social Services, that I had murdered my father, then my sister and that I was UNTRUSTWORTHY and at that time the British nazi police were INVESTIGATING ME for my family deaths, because my mother kept telling me about a male and a female detective who kept coming into her ward and telling my mother that SHE WAS FRIGHTENED OF ME.  She dismissed this as nonsense and told the detectives to : GO AWAY AND STOP BOTHERING HER.

You need to remember that my father fell ill and was FORCED into hospital and then MURDERED by the hospital staff. You also need to remember that my youngest sister fell ill around Christmas 2015 and she was FORCED into hospital and MURDERED by hospital staff.  So I don't know how the governments TWISTED MINDS WORK.  But I know one thing, they were BENT on putting me away in PRISON for something I had NOT done.

Because the EVIL nazi asian doctor's plan DIDIN'T work regarding putting me away in prison for a crime I did NOT commit, he started to make a MOCKERY OUT OF ME and HE LAUGHED in my face ONE WEEK following my sister's death and he was VERY PLEASED with the death of my sister.  After learning MANY MORE TRUTHS from the GOOD DOCTOR VERNON COLEMAN on YOUTUBE, I can comprehend why this evil asian doctor BASTARD was LAUGHING AT ME and LAUGHING AT HIS SUCCESS.  He was LAUGHING because he had SUCCEEDED, not in just MURDERING my youngest sister, but my FATHER ALSO 8 weeks before.  He must have been ROLLING in the money that HE received for BUMPING OFF MY FAMILY.

The coroner at that time ordered an AUTOPSY of my sister and kept me in the dark about what they were doing.  My mother was FORCED into a scruffy care home for the LAST TIME and it was to be at this SCRUFFY CARE HOME that she DIED ALONE - inside a scruffy room, inside a strange bed - ALL BECAUSE I WAS BANNED FROM SEEING MY MOTHER alone, by the EVIL nhs doctor because according to them - I was DANGEROUS.  Looking back on those days, the only thing I can think of why they considered me as a danger, was because THEY KNEW THAT I WOULD TRY TO STOP THEM FROM MURDERING MY MOTHER.

I was NEVER informed when or where the autopsy of my late youngest sister would take place.  I received an autopsy report form through the mail some two months later.  On that autopsy report form was stated a FRAUDULENT LIE.  It stated that my sister died from natural causes, caused by a rare form of cancer.  I tracked that histopathologist down and challenged him about this deal and this is what he had to say : I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE BEING INVESTIGATED FOR YOUR SISTER'S DEATH.  I asked him "why did you NOT perform a TOXICOLOGY TEST?"  Which is a standard procedure in criminal cases and he was SHOCKED, he said "it isn't my job to do that and my colleague would have done this, had this been a criminal case."  BUT YET I WAS ARRESTED FOR MURDERING THE SISTER THAT I LOVED WITH ALL OF MY HEART.  They even provided a FICTITIOUS MOTIVE for why I allegedly did it.  And they told me that I had killed my sister to gain a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF  MONEY FROM HER LIFE INSURANCE POLICY.  At first, I thought it was a SICK JOKE, but I wasn't laughing because my sister had just died.  My sister was NOT INSURED, she NEVER had a life insurance policy, the rest of my family never had one and I still DON'T have one today.  And do you know why?  Because I can't afford it, I am struggling to pay the weekly grocery bill.

The nazi coppers turned up with TWO search warrants signed by a magistrate and they RANSACKED - BOTH houses - my parents home (where I didn't live) and mine and my late sister's home.  I have NEVER been treated with such EVIL, VICIOUS CONTEMPT in all of my life.  What THEY did to me that morning was TYPICAL OF NAZI STYLE TERRORISM.  They seized ALL OF MY STUDENT FILES, THE SEIZED my STUDENT MEDICAL KIT (homoeopathy rememdies), that I was USING to enhance and progress my studies).  Then they seized a book : THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED by Doctor Raymond Rife (RIFE MACHNE) - 1934.  YES, you read it RIGHT - Dr. Rife invented a NON TOXIC treatment that CURED cancer ABSOLUTELY during 1934.  When the US government discovered his cancer curing light machine - they DESTROYED HIS MACHINES, DESTROYED HIS NOTES and MURDERED HIM.  Dr. Rife has SUCCESSFULLY CURED many patients of cancer.  The governments around the world DON'T want to find a cure for cancer - they ARE SUPPORTING BIG PHARMA and their EVIL, TOXIC, DANGEROUS CHEMICAL DRUGS.  The EVIL Bill Gates has BOUGHT into these companies and governments around the world and HE is telling THEM what to do.  The Big pharmaceutical companies OWN the state doctors, they BUY them off because the pharmaceutical companies WANT THE PROFIT, it is NOT about healthcare, it is about MONEY and the patients are expendable.  I apologise if I am shocking you, BUT I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH.  And do you know who owns the BBC?  No prizes for guessing? THE EVIL - BILL GATES (the 21st century's answer to ADOLF HITLER).  The state doctors are KILLING people with dangerous, toxic medicines and VACCINES.

When the RED faced nazi police realised what a BIG COCK UP they had made following my sister's autopsy, they came back and APOLOGISED to me.  An APOLOGY is NOT good enough - the state have MURDERED my family and I will NEVER forgive them.

After my sister died, the evil nazi nhs doctors held a meeting inside the hospital to discuss what they were going to do with my mother and I was invited to that meeting.  They verbally TORE me to pieces and told me that I was UNTRUSTWORTHY to be anywhere near my mother.  And they had NO REAL FOUNDATION for their accusations, but nazis DON'T need foundations and excuses because they are EVIL.

My mother was continually STARVED inside the scruffy care home, she was bullied by staff and treated like dirt and it was making her frustrated and she took her frustrations out on me.  I couldn't get anywhere NEAR my mother when I visited and there were DAFT rules like - I had to sit at the other end of the room and two staff members had to be in there.  Even I was BULLIED by staff members.  My mother was THREATENED "IF YOU TRY TO LEAVE, WE WILL CALL THE POLICE AND HAVE YOU BROUGHT BACK." And that THREAT was delivered to MY MOTHER in FRONT of me.

Through February, March and part of April 2016 my mother was POISONED TO DEATH by the NAZI NHS in that care home. And on April 15, 2016 I sneaked in through a side room to get to see my mother alone and by this time she was DELERIOUS and talking nonsensical.  She wasn't even aware of my presence.  She was having a conversation with my recently deceased youngest sister and she was asking her "help me, help me."

The following morning of April 16, 2016 I received a phone call from George informing me that my mother had died in the early hours of that morning.  George is NOT immediate family and he should NOT have been informed of my mother's death, seeing as he had had no association with my mother for over 40 years.

I have been LAUGHED AT and RIDICULED by the nazi nhs hospital and treated like dirt.  Even though I am my family's official estate executor, I have tried to have their medical records DESTROYED and I have been IGNORED.  And I have been THREATENED to re register with the nhs - and THAT IS HOW EVIL THEY ARE.  I have had absolutely NO association with them at all SINCE THEY MURDERED MY FAMILY.  And I have NO intention of ever going back.

During Christmas of 2017 I received a strange email and that email left NO doubt in my mind that my middle sister had DIED.  it was NOT mentioned in the body of the email, it was what was NOT in the email that bothered me.  I told them to stop dancing me around and tell me that my sister had died.  Three weeks later, I received confirmation of her sad death and she too WAS POISONED TO DEATH by the nazi nhs hospital in her area.

So, like I said, this MONSTROUS NAZI acitivity has NOT just started, I noticed some BAD changes 4 years ago and it could have started even before then.

Since that time, I have learnt that the British Nazi state have KILLED more INNOCENT people and they will CONTINUE TO KILL PEOPLE UNLESS THIS EVILNESS IS STOPPED.

Even right now GP's from across the UK are DUPING anyone who is OVER 65 years to sign their OWN DEATH WARRANT and it is coming disguised as : WOULD YOU LIKE US TO ADD A DNR to your MEDICAL RECORDS and ADD THAT you will NOT BE ENTITLED to medicines if you fall ill.  I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP - THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

Only yesterday, a chap contacted me through a comments page on national media, telling me how the nazi nhs hospital DELIBERATELY KILLED HIS MOTHER with an OVERDOSE OF TOXIC DRUGS.  This needs to be STOPPED - we need to FIGHT AGAINST THIS.  And take action against such MONSTROSITIES.  Another chap on the mainstream media page had ALREADY BEEN BRAINWASHED by the government.  He was telling EVERYONE to : JUST WEAR THE GODDAMNED MASK. And I told him that - WE ARE NOT CHINESE.


The World Health Organisation, The United Nations and their Agenda 21, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the corrupt governments of the world need to be SMASHED, LIQUIDATED and REMOVED.  These are UGLY CANCEROUS warts that are DEVOURING the VERY SOCIETY that we so much love and enjoy. You should also check out the United Nations Agenda 2030. BOTH AGENDAS ARE EVIL, they are planning HUGE resettlement areas, nobody will be allowed to own property or land and people WILL BE FORCED into HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION camps (we know them as apartment blocks and flats - because people are EASIER TO CONTROL that way).  Just check it out - in Australia right now, the government have ordered the CLOSING OFF of certain apartment blocks and nobody can get in or out).  WORLD WAR III has ALREADY STARTED.  The MAIN  agendas of the United Nations is : MASS GENOCIDE with the help of leaders of all of the countries and the NON ESSENTIAL people will be MURDERED first - through the VACCINATION PROGRAM.  They are using this NEW FAKE VIRUS to instill - FEAR AND TERROR into the very hearts and souls of the people.  There is even talk about using an extremely microscopic microchip, which will be secreted into the vaccine and that MICROCHIP will be able to CONTROL the world population, as governments are looking into ways of controlling people through the INJECTED microchip.  Does that sound familiar to you all?  It should if you have ever seen the movie - ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, where all the convicts were walled off on Manhatten Island and they sent in a convict SNAKE PLISKEN to rescue the president on the island who was being held captive by THE DUKE.  In the beginning of the movie, Snake was injected with some kind of fluid, which included 2 microchip tracking devices and that was pumped into his neck.  He was told AFTERWARDS that if he tried to escape and not bother rescuing the president that in so many hours, the protein shell on the outsides of these microchips would dissolve and the contents inside would explode inside his arteries and kill him.  YOU GET THE PICTURE?  Today's or yesterday's science fiction becomes TOMORROWS REALITY.  There are talks with the mad scientists who are INVOLVED WITH BILL GATES regarding inventing microchips so tiny that they can secrete them INTO THIS NEW CORONAVIRUS VACCINE, to enable the government to COMPLETELY CONTROL THEIR PEOPLE - THAT IS EVIL and it ALL WANTS TO BE STOPPED.

It is the PLAN of the United Nations to build a NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT and in that manifesto : is THE NEW WORLD ORDER - it IS EVIL, PURE EVIL, just like ADOLF HITLER's policies from World War II and his MEINE CAMPF (My Camp).  This wants STOPPING.  Gates is funding : POPULATION CONTROL and that is EVIL.  According to this foundation the world is OVERPOPULATED and needs to be THINNED OUT.  Their pathway to do this is THROUGH THE POISONOUS VACCINE to protect us from this new fake virus - the coronavirus.  It is NO more dangerous than the annual flu, EVEN LESS dangerous in fact.  You can check these figures out for yourself by going to the appropriate sites.  CDC is a good site to check on statistics. This is ALL A BIG SCAM, frightening and terrifying people into OBEDIENCE and then FORCING this POISONOUS VACCINE onto the whole world population.  And that is why we are AT WAR, World War III - UNLIKE ANY other war before it.  Your government will try to hoodwink you into believing that if you do as you are told - EVERYTHING WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL AT CHRISTMAS, but they DIDN'T mention which Christmas.  People will be thinking this year 2020 - we are IN FOR THE LONG HAUL and it could be many many years. This New World Order Government have some EXTREMELY AMBITIOUS plans for its people - they want everyone to live in apartment blocks because people are easier to control that way.  So when they decide they want to do something - they can SEAL OFF THE WHOLE APARTMENT BLOCK.  This has ALREADY happened in communist China and it has also happened very recently in Australia.  BAD idea to live in apartment blocks.  If you are living inside one of these apartment blocks, you need to move out and find a more suitable place to live, before it is too late.


You can REFUSE to wear the KILLER FACE MASKS, REFUSE the TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINE (if they every develop one). If it becomes MANDATORY for vaccines - REFUSE the vaccine, DON'T take any nonsense from them.  You have the RIGHT to REFUSE to be vaccinated if you DON'T WANT THE POISON INSIDE YOUR BODY.

You can give a NAZI salute to your government leader in DEFIANCE.  And try to live as normally as possible.

DON'T allow your EVIL governments to TERRORISE YOU into hiding at home, get out there and enjoy your life, DON'T feel like a prisoner in your own home. DON'T LET THEM GET TO YOU.


Do EVERYTHING that they told you NOT to do : in RESISTANCE.

If you want to keep the health that you have : YOU MUST DE REGISTER from the NHS - STAY AWAY FROM THEM, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM.  They are PART OF THIS EVIL NAZI WICKED SYSTEM and they will HARM YOU and KILL YOU.  If you can't de register - IGNORE their letters, bin them, do whatever you have to do, but STAY AWAY FROM THE NHS IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.

If you need medical assistance - find ALTERNATIVE medicines and medically trained people who have NO connection with the EVIL NAZI government at all.

You need to PREPARE for the future, prepare for when there are POWER outages, get batteries, torches and other stuff you may need to help you to survive.

You should also seriously consider GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD, try to steer clearn of PROCESSED FOOD. You may have to collect your own rainwater and purify it.  As this EVIL time progresses, the services that you are accustomed to WILL FAIL, their will be POWER outages, electric and gas, you could have your WATER TURNED OFF or it will CEASE TO FUNCTION.  DON'T get a SMART METER installed into your home and DON'T let them PRESSURISE you into having one.  That smart meter can be TURNED OFF by remote control and you will get NO ELECTRIC, NO GAS.  If you already have a smart meter, then I suggest you GET RID OF IT and have a regular meter installed.  You need to think about using camping equipment to cook food with and boil water.  You will need water purification tablets.  Most of all - YOU NEED TO PREPARE to be PLUNGED into EVIL CHAOTIC DARKNESS.  When this happens - we will be PLUNGED into the dark ages, with NO power, NO water, NO nothing.  So you would be well advised to get yourself one of those solar powered power banks, especially the ones with lights.  You will need torches, batteries and everything you need to survive, when this world gets thrown into APOCALYPTIC DARKNESS.


Are you aware that the LONGER that you wear a face mask that you are in DANGER of suffering from HYPOXIA?  You will start to feel a difference after wearing it for a while and you will start to feel LIGHT HEADED, then you will COLLAPSE, LOSE CONSCIOUSNESS and some people DIE from this.  When you wear a face mask, it RESTRICTS the flow of oxygen into your lungs and bloodstream and people have ALREADY died from continually wearing these face masks.  You can check this out for yourself by googling for information.


Check out the BMJ site about the wearing of face masks and you will find information of what these face masks actually do to the wearer and trust me - it isn't healthy.


A couple of years back, I purchase a 500x usb operated microscope and it was such a novelty, that i was examining my skin underneath this microscope and I found it fascinating.  I also examined some of my blood, saliva and a bird feather and it was amazing.  I don't know why I did it at that time, but I decided to examine these DIY facemasks, that protect you from breathing in noxious fumes whilst working with chemicals.  I was amazed to discover that they were literally FULL OF BIG HOLES, holes that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Holes BIG ENOUGH for microbes of viruses to penetrate.  I have already indicated in other articles that I have wrote about this subject that the wearing of face masks do NOT protect the healthy wearer from contracting ANY VIRUS and they will get sick regardless of whether they wear a mask or not.  They would be BETTER off NOT wearing one, because the wearer wouldn't want to suffer from hypoxia.


DON'T have the vaccine, WHY? because it will KILL YOU.  I am sorry if I sound harsh, but nevertheless it is TRUE.  I almost died from the KILLER FLU VACCINE back in 1993.  I went into the clinic with my youngest sister and I was HEALTHY.  I received the POISONOUS jab.  Five days later I was STRUCK down with a mysterious ILLNESS connected to the poisonous vaccine.  I was bedridden and it was touch and go for a while.  More touch than go in the beginning.  I was in bed for 3 months.  NEVER AGAIN. And I NEVER went to the clinic with my illness, my family nursed me back to health. The following year - 1994 I was PRESSURISED by the clinic to receive some MORE POISON and I REFUSED.  I have been VACCINE FREE NOW for over 27 YEARS and have NEVER felt HEALTHIER than I am now.


I am STRONGLY advising you to go to YOUTUBE and type in : VERNON COLEMAN VIDEOS and WATCH THEM ALL.  This VERY WELL RESPECTED RETIRED DOCTOR IS TRUSTWORTHY and HE TELLS THE TRUTH.  You should see his videos about the KILLER VACCINES and the KILLER FACE MASKS.  In one video, he outlined how BIG PHARMA tried to BUY HIS SILENCE when he introduced a book in 1977 called MEDICINE MEN.  This man is SO GENUINE and he is HONEST, he REMINDS ME OF ME - WE TELL THE TRUTH and NEITHER OF US CAN BE BOUGHT to BE SILENCED.

On the night that my poor, dear sweet, beloved sister (MY PAL) died, I screamed down the nazi hospital corridor "MURDERERS" they even tried to SILENCE ME THEN.  The hospital vicar was HORRIFIED when he heard me broadcasting along the CORRIDOR that THAT HOSPITAL staff HAD MURDERED MY FATHER AND MY YOUNGEST SISTER and HE tried to SILENCE ME.  I will NEVER shut up.  MY FAMILY WERE MURDERED BY STATE OWNED HOSPITAL STAFF.


When I was being poisoned by these vaccines prior to 1993 I was experiencing ALL KINDS of strange medical problems.  They have ALL GONE NOW.

These vaccines that Bill Gates is paying for the whole world population is to : KILL US ALL.  I am sorry that I am saying this, but I was brought up to TELL THE TRUTH and BE HONEST.  These EVIL organisations around the world are telling us that the vaccines : ARE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD - WRONG.  The vaccines are for THEIR good and to rid the world of SURPLUS population.  They are wanting to kill more than 3 to 4 billion of us and the VACCINE is the pathway to KILL US ALL.  The REST of us will be MADE INTO NAZI SLAVES, living MISERABLE LIVES and being moved out of our homes and shoved into tight living quarters.  I have heard this one before - HITLER did this during world war II.  We NEED to STOP it BEFORE it really takes off.  They are planning to kill off ALL THE ELDERLY people and people over 65 years of age will get BUMPED off too.  It is ALL ABOUT cleansing and the GETTING RID of the YOUNG, THE ELDERLY, THE POOR, THE USELESS TO SOCIETY and they WILL succeed if we do NOT FIGHT BACK.

Food shortages are PREDICTED for the future, if this happens, there will be POWER CUTS, money as we know it will NOT EXIST any more.  They are even trying to get rid of credit and debit cards.  They are wanting EVERYONE to purchase items using an ONLINE PHONE APP so they can TRACK OUR EVERY MOVE - THIS IS NOT RIGHT.  Next, they will be attempting to microchip everyone who has survived the 21st century holocaust and you won't be able to obtain goods without using the microchip inside your body.  There are also talks about introducing HEALTH PASSPORTS.  This is the STUFF OF NIGHTMARES and I just wished it wasn't happening, but it has ALREADY STARTED and it NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. Adolf Hitler's policy was JUST THE SAME - he had ALL OF HIS PRISONERS TATTOOED with a NUMBER.  Some survivors of the World War II holocaust are still alive today and have been showing their tattoos with numbers from the war years.  We DON'T WANT THAT.

The 21st Century HOLOCAUST has not transpired yet and unless we STOP IT, it could well occur and not too far into the near future.

Going back a couple of decades, the World Health Organisation was in the news headlines and they were promoting this NEW vaccine to help maintain and protect the health of young African women of child bearing age and this vaccine was to protect these young women against tetanus (or so they thought).  Bill Gates was BEHIND THAT EVIL DEED. These young women had the vaccines and they were told : IT IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.  And they TRUSTED the people who were administering the vaccines to them.  MANY DIED following their receiving the vaccine and those who didn't die were made INFERTILE and they had a multitude of medical problems afterwards.  I vividly recall this story, because I was interested in it, being a young woman myself at the time.

I look around the area where I reside and most people have been BRAINWASHED.  They have been OBEDIENT, doing everything the nazi government have been instructing them to do.  They have been CLAPPING THE NAZI CONTROLLED EVIL NHS - that made me feel VERY SAD AND ANGRY, because they MURDERED MY FAMILY.  And the people are putting childish rainbow pictures in their windows for display - IT IS SO SAD AND SO DISGUSTING.  These people who are doing this don't realise that they are soon going to become victims of the 21st Century HOLOCAUST.  Why?  because according to the nazi government - they are elderly and NON ESSENTIAL.  That too was Hitler's policy - NON ESSENTIAL people were KILLED.


He too believes in the FREEDOMS of the country and he is a RARE gem because UNLIKE his peers he is NOT CORRUPT and he knows that this CORONAVIRUS SCARE IS ONE BIG HOAX to COWER the people into becoming slaves of the current system - that NEEDS SMASHING.  Check him out.  HE KNOWS ALL ABOUT KILLER FACE MASKS.


He warns that NOT only do face masks FAIL to protect the healthy from getting sick, they also create HEALTH PROBLEMS for the wearer and it could MAKE the wearer SICK.





They have BOUGHT INTO ALL OF THESE DESTRUCTIVE COMPANIES, GOVERNMENTS, UNITED NATIONS, WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION AND THE BBC.  Bill Gates is also funding : MAD SCIENTISTS EXPERIMENTS TO SEND AIRCRAFT 12 MILES UP INTO THE AIR TO EMIT SOME KIND OF DUST INTO THE ATMOSPHERE TO BLOCK OUT THE SUNS RAYS?  Why?  Because he is into DEPOPULATING THE WORLD.  I have heard that they are considering secreting SULFURIC ACID into the atmosphere. They are HONESTLY EXTREMELY MAD.  Whatever they emit into the atmosphere is going to have a DEVASTATING effect on the planet that we know.  It will cause utter CHAOS and DESTRUCTION, it will start hurricaines, dust storms, destroying all the green planet, trees, crops, wild life, etc.  And this will also devastate people and KILL THEM.  If you breathe in sulfuric acid it WILL BURN YOUR INSIDES.  But then, I guess that is the whole point - TO KILL US ALL.  He is also funding some weird experiment about genetically modifying MOSQUITOS and they will be RELEASED into the world during 2022?? Creating more devastation and destruction NO doubt.


Anyone who is reading my blog and has seen the movie TERMINATOR (one of the original movies) will know that SKYNET who had these human/androids built knew hardly anything about SARAH CONNOR, only her name.  Well there was a software engineer in this movie called DYSON and he invented a MICROCHIP that made these human/androids even MORE EVIL.  Dyson became a THREAT and Sarah Connor tracked this man down and was going to eliminate him BEFORE he had the chance to DEVELOP THIS EVIL microchip.  That is how the story goes.


Yes, you'd be ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to say : YES - THAT IS - BILL GATES.  Okay, he hasn't introduced an evil microchip yet, but he has ALREADY caused a LOT OF DAMAGE that can be seen in the world today, ESPECIALLY WITH THESE DEATHLY DANGEROUS vaccines that he is FUNDING.  GATES NEEDS TO BE STOPPED and TAKEN OUT OF POWER.  Otherwise, the 21st century holocaust will REALLY TAKE OFF.


I can reassure you all that I am the REAL LIFE Sarah Connor, but I don't have a son called John, yet that was my grandather's name.  And I don't have a HERO coming back from the future called Reese to help me fight this war.  But I am a GOOD ORGANISER, I can fight both physically and democratically.  At one time, like Sarah, I couldn't even balance my own cheque book, until my youngest sister HELPED ME OUT.  My youngest sister (MY PAL), taught me how to balance my cheque book, how to organise my finances and how to save money.  She helped me to do things and to get organised - she is MY HERO and I let her down and let her down by TRUSTING THAT EVIL NAZI NHS DOCTOR and acting upon what he said.  I can't forgive myself for that, but I can CONTINUE TO FIGHT this UNUSUAL WAR of NO bullets, but a war of SILENCE, SEGREGATION, LOCKDOWNS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, GOVERNMENT PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, GETTING ABUSE FROM BRAINWASHED FACE MASK WEARERS AND GETTING ABUSE FROM OFFICIALS GUARDING THE TOWN CENTRE LIKE THE NAZI WERMACHT DIVISION.  I can FIGHT THIS and I owe this to my dear, sweet, beloved, MUCH CHERISHED late YOUNGEST SISTER - MY PAL.


This goes back half a century ago when this doctor, engaging in scientific experiments on animals, developed a CONTROLLING DEVICE.  He attached this device to the top of a bulls head that was about to be released into the fighting arena and this doctor stood in the middle of the bull ring with his REMOTE CONTROL and when the bull charged at him, he pressed a control button on the device that he had in his hand and the bull CAME TO A COMPLETE STANDSTILL in front of him.

Please check that out - that too can be researched.  So we need to STOP - BILL GATES (the NEW ADOLF HITLER) from progressing in his mad plan to RULE THE WORLD.


As you are ALREADY AWARE of the United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 - the confiscating of privately owned property, the rounding up of ALL the peoples of the planet and resettling them into HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS inside Smart Cities, so that they all can be EASILY CONTROLLED.  It could get so bad, that some of us who vividly recall the fiction movie : LOGANS RUN - that COULD BECOME A REALITY if Gates is NOT STOPPED - he is CONTROLLING the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the Governments of the World, the Scientists, the big pharmaceutical companies.  In the movie - when an individual reached the age of 30 - THEY WERE CONDEMNED TO DIE ON CAROUSEL (which some of them were fooled into believing that they would RENEW - IT WAS ALL A LIE).  The 30 year olds were sent to carousel to BE KILLED.  That could BECOME A REALITY in the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE.  Trust me, YOU DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN AN EVIL CONTROLLED WORLD LIKE THAT.  But that is what this GLOBAL RESET IS ALL ABOUT - ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  They are also calling for A ONE WORLD RELIGION and indeed : Chrislam exists now in Rome - can you believe that?  I only just discovered that recently, through watching Vernon Coleman videos on youtube.  And I checked out the facts myself.  I don't know what this world is coming to, but I do know that it will only amount to PURE EVIL HELL if we all sit back and do nothing.  I am ALREADY an active RESISTANCE FIGHTER.


Keep WELL hydrated, drink at least 2 litres of water per day, preferably, still mineral water or filtered water.  Drink lots of hot drinks, eat chicken soup, get plenty of sleep and take the vitamin supplement ECHINACEA.

When coughing or sneezing, do what my family have done all our lives when we have been sick with a virus - COVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE WITH A TISSUE OR HANDKERCHIEF - and THAT IS THE BEST DEFENSE OF STOPPING ANY VIRUS SPREADING.


Please spread the RESISTANCE WORD, join us in this CAMPAIGN to STOP these evil PEOPLE from DESTROYING US and the PLANET.